Hog Removal in Dumas

Is your property being destroyed by feral hogs? Our team offers hog trapping services to property owners in Dumas, Texas.

When dealing with feral hogs, it is best to have a thorough removal plan in place and executed as soon as the problem starts. Hogs move in large groups, and they reproduce at a rate that is almost impossible to manage. Here at Lone Star Trapping we implement cellular hog trapping methods with a high-capture rate. As of today, this method of hog removal is the most effective in terms of removal numbers and cost. Don't wait another minute, if you need hog removal in Dumas, Texas, then call Lone Star Trapping today!

Hog Removal Amarillo TX

Successful Hog Removal

Since 2015 we have trapped over 11,000 feral hogs and stopped continued damages for many different landowners.

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