Excavation and Grading

When you have a significant project that requires dirt work, this isn't a job to leave to just anyone. At Lone Star Trapping, we help make moving the earth a breeze. 


While anyone can buy or own an excavator or other heavy machinery, that doesn't mean they are automatically experienced excavators who can transform neglected or overgrown acreage into workable lands.


At Lone Star Trapping, we're passionate about helping our clients manage their land and property more effectively. 


Professional Excavation And Grading Services


Excavation projects require a great deal of competency and skill to complete without error. While you might not give it much thought, factors including weather and soil conditions, drainage, terrain, and elevation must all get accounted for when determining which equipment is best for the project.

When you choose Lone Star Trapping for your excavating project, you benefit from working with professionals who understand how everything ties in together. We bring our equipment, experience, and skills to ensure the project gets done right. 


With an eye for detail, we take every measure to provide excellent craftsmanship and a safe project environment. We take the time to analyze the property, listen to your vision, and turn your concept into a reality. All work gets completed by our in-house contractors - we never outsource or operate as a middle-man. When you hire us, we do the job. 


Grading And Leveling


If you have unlevel land on your property, land grading and leveling services provided by Lone Star Trapping helps prepare your grounds for whatever is coming next.


Our land grading and leveling services are ideal for creating a level base or a uniform base with a specified slope. Grading and leveling are standard in preparing construction projects, including laying foundations, creating a base for roads or paths, and prepping grounds for garden and landscape improvements. 


Property development services ready your grounds for a multitude of improvement and renovation projects, including:


  • Driveway and path grading

  • Foundation pads for homes and outbuildings

  • Land clearing

  • Earth excavation

  • Cut and fill excavation

  • Trench excavation


Insured, Experienced, and Reliable


Sure, at the most basic level, excavation merely is working the dirt. However, to make everything right for the next phase of the project, hiring an experienced and reliable team to handle the earthwork is worth the investment. 


At Lone Star Trapping, you can rely on our team to bring our combined experience and reliable track record to complete your project on-time and to specification. 


For your convenience, we're happy to offer no-obligation, free estimates on your project. We have the equipment, skills, and experienced team to transform your property into your grand vision.


Contact Lone Star Trapping to talk about your excavating or ground grading project today. We're always here to help.