For years our customers have asked us if we sell any of the wild boar meat that we trap. As of 2020, Lone Star Trapping LLC has teamed up with a USDA processing facility out of central Texas to have the ability to package and ship wild hog meat anywhere in the U.S.

If you have always wondered what wild hog meat tastes like, then now is your chance. Through our online store, Texas Specialty Meats, you can now get a 20lb. variety box with quality cuts of meat preferred by chefs from around the world. Wild hog meat is leaner than domestic pork and is more of red color in comparison. Cook this meat up for your friends and don't tell them what it is, and we promise they'll become a believer in wild to table game meat. Free-range hogs live on a natural diet and aren't constrained by property sizes allowing the animals to travel daily, making for lean meat.