Hog Control Services

Feral hogs are a problem that, in time, typically resurface as a new group moves through the area. On-going trapping efforts are great, especially when implemented at the first sign of pig activity. The faster you begin effective trapping services, the fewer damages you'll sustain. But why not do more than trap hogs, install a hog-proof fence, and introduce a habitat restoration plan.


Don't Just Trap Hogs, Prevent Them Completely With Hog Proof Fencing.


Here at Lone Star Trapping, we understand our customer's desire to eradicate feral hogs from their property. With hog proof fencing, you can build a secure border preventing wild hogs from entering. We do it all from new fence construction to reinforcing an already existing fence.

In comparison to trapping, wild hog fencing can feel pricey due to the cost of land clearing, materials, and labor. Consider though the long-term effects of hog-proof fencing and the cost savings over time.

Brush Clearing

Before any fencing project, it is essential to clear fence lines either for new fence construction or clearing overgrowth on the existing fence. In addition to clearing fence lines, we can also clean up roads, shooting lanes, etc.​

Install Wild Hog Fencing

After the fence lines are cleared, the installation process can begin. Our team will accurately assess the property to ensure the best type of fencing needed for the job. Different terrains and features like water gaps can require precise specifications and materials to execute correctly.

Trap Remaining Enclosed Hogs

Once the fencing project is completed, it is crucial to perform a final trapping campaign. This will allow us to remove any hogs that may have been trapped within the new fence.

Property Restoration

Feral hogs leave behind a path of destruction wherever they go. Here at Lone Star Trapping, our ultimate goal is total property restoration. We can clean up roads, clear brush, fix tanks, and restore your landscape.

#1 Texas Wild Hog Control Company

When looking for a wild hog control team in Texas, look no further than the professionals at Lone Star Trapping—serving landowners across the state since 2015.