Feral Hog hunting has become very popular in Texas, where the feral hog population is rising at a frightening rate. A non-native species, feral hogs are destructive animals that reproduce fast and endanger indigenous wildlife and crops. The current predicted feral hog population in the state is over 1.5 million. Hog hunting is a risky contest, even for skilled hunters. Novice hog hunters should be especially vigilant when pursuing the animal; feral hogs can be aggressive, especially if they feel tested or in danger.


Hogs relate to the same species as domestic pigs, wild boars, warthogs, and others. Conventionally, "boar" is the terminology used for uncastrated hogs, but in actuality, people use that name to describe male and female feral swine.

When to Hunt Hogs

Hogs are hunted most efficiently at night or during the morning/evening hours. They move in groups, and they leave behind loads of sign. You'll typically find them in thick cover near water sources, but hogs will also forage in open crop fields.


Types of Hunting Methods

  • Spot & Stalk

  • Hunting Blind

  • Dogs

  • Helicopter

  • Spear

  • Bow and Arrow


If you are planning to hunt on a game ranch, they will more than likely have a list of things you're required to carry along. Remember to carry your night vision equipment if you are going on a night hunt, and always possess the suitable attire for the weather.