M.I.N.E. Trapping Equipment

This patented product is the most effective wild hog trapping equipment currently on the market.  It is designed to capture the entire herd directly initiated from your cell phone.  With this system feral hogs will be no match against you which means higher success rates and less manual labor needed vs managing conventional traps.

Equipment Breakdown

M.I.N.E.™ Gate

The patented M.I.N.E™ Gate is the most crucial element to the entire trap.  The gate is manually triggered from your cell phone and is 8' wide.  Having such a wide gate entrance allows for the wild hogs to be less timid when approaching the feed area.  This will greatly increase the amount of hogs captured giving you an edge over the enemy.

M.I.N.E.™ Camera

Our M.I.N.E™ Camera is designed to trigger the gate from anywhere using cellular transmitted signal from your phone to the control box on the gate.  Save tons of time using this technology by managing your camera settings, checking battery level, and triggering gate all without having to enter the field.  This is by far the most efficient and successful way to trap feral hogs tearing up your land.

Rigid Panels

Your trap isn't complete without a set of Rigid Panels.  Made from high grade aluminum these panels are built to last.  Using aluminum clips the panels don't require t-post's to set up.  Simply plug and play and you're ready to trap hogs.  Rigid panels greatly improve the efficiency of take down & setup times.  These panels can withstand anything!

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