It should not be a surprise that feral hogs are among the most popular wild game in Texas. These beastly animals provide a significant amount of meat, and it isn't tricky to trap or hunt them. Unlike other animals, it's legal to hunt them nearly all year. These destructive animals can easily ruin crops, making them a threat to farmers.

If you're thinking about hunting for feral hogs, having the right hog hunting gear is critical.

Clothing - Since you'll be spending a great deal of time outdoors when hunting for wild pigs, you'll want to be sure that you wear appropriate clothing. Whether your goal is to blend in with the environment, or protection from the elements like briars.

Hunting Knife - One or more hunting knives are convenient to have on hand. Recommended knives include a survival knife, a skinning knife, and a general-purpose kife or two.

Blinds Or Stands - Blinds and stands offer the perfect amount of coverage and reduce your chance of detection when you're waiting for "hogzilla" to walk into your line of sight.

Hog Attractant Scents - Hog attractant scents are the perfect way to lure feral hogs to your hunting area. Wild hogs have an intense sense of smell, and they get drawn to areas peppered with their favorites scents quickly and easily. For hunters, this dramatically reduces the time it takes to spot an ideal target.

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Lure-In The Monster

Tested and Proven In The Field

Survival Equipment And Gear - It never hurts to be prepared for the worst when embarking on a hunting trip. Having survival gear and equipment on hand in an emergency or unforeseen event could save you or your hunting partners life.


First Aid Gear - Having a first aid kit on hand is just as crucial as having survival gear. Items you should always carry include bandages, a tourniquet, sterile gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment, and scissors.


Water - Dehydration can pose a real threat, especially when hunting in dry and hot areas. Always be sure to carry enough bottled water to sustain you while you're in the field.Texas is one of ten states that's home to 99% of the wild pig population in the United States. Other states with large feral hog populations include Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, California, Louisiana, Georgia, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and South Carolina.If you're planning a feral hog hunting trip, hog attracting scents from Lone Star Trapping helps you to entice these creatures near to your blind or stand. Contact us for more information on our hog hunting gear today!