Texas Land Clearing And Lot Clearing Services For Projects Of All Sizes

Regardless of whether you need to clear and tame a lot for more yard space or you have a construction project in mind, we're proud to offer dependable and thorough land and lot clearing services to clients throughout Texas.


We work to meet your deadlines, no matter the size of your property. When you choose us for your lot clearing needs, you'll witness a complete transformation taking place. We use leading-edge equipment to clear away brush and ground cover.

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We Make Lot Clearing Easy

Lot clearing improves the property by getting rid of unwanted and overgrown brush, tree saplings, and other ground covers. To slow regrowth after clearing, we have many options to deal with the root systems. Using a site prep tractor, we can mulch the surface grade approximately four feet deep.

To eradicate these roots, we can use excavator root rakes. We then mulch these materials, and you have the choice to have it hauled away or applied to your grounds for fertilization. It's up to you on how you'd like to use or dispose of the mulch.

Leave The Brush Behind!

Don't let an overgrown lot get the better of you! We work as your partner to clear your property. When you need logging services, digging, light grading, prepping, and mulching in Texas, call us first!

You'll find our comprehensive land clearing services a convenient solution for all your lot clearing needs. From the project's start to completion, you can trust us to complete the work with ease.

With years of experience clearing lots and properties, we understand the fine details of removing trees and brush. Our trained technicians use modern equipment and technology and have extensive training to level the ground, so your property benefits from a nearly instant upgrade.

Get Ready To Build

We strive to provide five-star service to all residential and commercial clients throughout Texas. We maintain the highest level of integrity and deliver exceptional results on every excavating project we complete.

When you need to move brush and trees to prepare for a construction project, want to make vacant land more marketable, or you want to clear away land on your property for any reason, our team answers the call.

To get more information on our lot clearing services or a free estimate, get in touch with us today!

We're here to help you unearth the value in your underutilized or vacant lots and land.



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