Hog Removal in Odessa

Are you losing the fight against feral hogs? Our hog removal services in Odessa, TX are effective and affordable.

One hog can destroy a landscape in a single night, most the time they travel in groups of 15 plus. Trying to combat the problem is nearly impossible. Lone Star Trapping uses cellular technology to effectively remove an entire group of pigs in a single session. By monitoring cameras 24/7, our team can precisely count the group and trigger the trap gate once all hogs have entered the enclosure. This method of trapping eliminates the accidental capture of livestock or wildlife and puts the hogs on our time. If you need hog removal in Odessa, Texas, give us a call today!

Hog Removal Amarillo TX

Successful Hog Removal

Since 2015 we have trapped over 11,000 feral hogs and stopped continued damages for many different landowners.

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