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The Most Effective Hog Removal Method

Ask property owners throughout Texas and the south for that matter, and chances are they'll have experienced the damages left behind by feral hogs. In the lone star state, the laws on hog removal are pretty much non-existent. Due to this overwhelming problem, you can just about harvest hogs by any means necessary. As of 2019, a law was passed allowing hogs to be hunted without even possessing a hunting license.

What Hog Removal Method Works Best

Out of all the hog removal methods available, the one that stands the strongest is corral style pens operated by cellular activated gate triggers. Although thermal scopes and helicopters can produce a significant dent in hog populations in the area, these methods can't be utilized in more active communities. Also, this style of hog removal is the most humane as the animals are removed alive and transported to a certified hog buying facility where the animals are processed and utilized.

Recently Oklahoma has started two programs to control feral hogs. The goal is to create a working environment between property owners and state/federal agencies to combat the rising hog problem. According to Agriculture Secretary Blayne Arthur, the most effective tool for removing feral hogs tends to be traps monitored by cell phones.*

*Read the full article here.

Choose Lone Star Trapping

Since 2015 Lone Star Trapping has been at the forefront of hog removal throughout the state of Texas and Oklahoma. With over 11,000 hogs removed and counting, we take pride in the services we offer. If you are looking for a hog removal company that is trusted and insured, look no further.

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