The 18-60™ trap panel (patent pending) was developed during three years of trapping research. This panel is 16 feet long using 18 horizontal (.220 inch diameter) bars spaced only two inches apart at the bottom to hold the youngest juvenile pigs. The 60 inch height reduces the likelihood of adults going over the top. At 51 pounds, the 18-60™ design is only two-thirds the weight and price of a standard horse panel which allows one operator to carry.

This product is manufactured with galvanized steel before welding to help reduce future rust. The 18 horizontal bars are made of .220 inch diameter heavy gauge wire to increase the overall strength of the trap enclosure and prevent feral hogs from escaping. JAGER PRO recommends using six each 18-60™ trap panels with the M.I.N.E.™ Gate to build a standard 35 foot diameter enclosure. This trapping system is designed to capture the entire sounder group at one time.

18-60™ Trap Panel



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