Roads and Pads

When you need to build a road or lay a pad foundation for outbuildings, you want to leave the work to a company you can trust. At Lone Star Trapping, we do all the heavy work and spearhead the project.

Need a new road built to your home or another area of your property? No problem! Our services are ideal for residential homes and are available complete, including drainage and culvert ditches. Ranch roads create easier access to areas on your property you frequently visit, such as barns, hunting or fishing spots, shops, or acreage.

At Lone Star Trapping, we're passionate about helping our clients maximize their property's value and functionality.


Professional Road And Pad Services


Before building a road or pad, it's essential to take a technical approach during the planning stages to ensure the most favorable outcome. For instance, the brush may need to get cleared away or the ground leveled.

When you choose Lone Star Trapping for your road or pad installation project, you benefit from working with professionals who account for all the technical details. We have the skills, equipment, and experience to ensure the project gets done right.


With an eye for detail, we assess the proposed project and inspect the area before starting any work. Based on these initial findings, we make plans for prepping the site and tackling the project. Our in-house team completes all the work; we never operate as a middleman or outsource for projects. When you hire us, our team does the job. 


Project Preparation


Working with undeveloped land is not a problem. Whether you need to create a fresh new road in a wooded or overgrown area, we have the heavy machinery and equipment to raze the brush. Preparation plays a significant role in the safe and effective construction of surface roadways.

For pad installation, ensuring a level surface is critical for the structure's safety and stability, once constructed or installed. Our land leveling and grading services establish a firm foundation for pad installation, regardless of what goes on top.

Some common uses include:


  • Barns

  • Trailers

  • RV Pads

  • Build Sites

  • Manufactured homes

  • Barns

  • Sheds

  • Workshops

  • Outbuildings

  • Detached Mother-In-Law Suite




When clients have a project in mind, we understand the urgency of meeting deadlines and completion dates. You can rely on the Lone Star Trapping team to bring our motivation, know-how, and track record of customer satisfaction to complete your project on-time and to specifications.

For your convenience, we are pleased to provide no-obligation, free estimates on your project. We help bring your property improvement project come to life.

Contact Lone Star Trapping to talk about your excavating or ground grading project today. We're always here to help.