Hog Removal in San Marcos

Is your property being overrun by feral hogs? We provide hog trapping services to landowners in San Marcos, Texas.

The damage caused by feral hogs can be very costly, and without a proper removal plan, it can get out of hand very quickly. Pigs can cover much square footage in a single night which makes dealing with the damages a problem that is hard to solve with conventional box traps. With years of experience in understanding how feral hogs behave, we've implemented a removal system that is one of the most effective on the market. Contact Lone Star Trapping today for all of your hog removal needs in San Marcos, Texas.

Hog Removal Amarillo TX

Successful Hog Removal

Since 2015 we have trapped over 11,000 feral hogs and stopped continued damages for many different landowners.

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