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Feral Hog Removal




Since 2015 we have trapped over 35,000 feral hogs and stopped continued damages for many different landowners. Lone Star Trapping is the only Texas wild hog control company you'll ever need.

I have used Lone Star trapping for more than 2 years to manage the hogs on my place south of Ranger. He has trapped more than 100 hogs over this time and I expect to use Lone Star again real soon given the recent sign I am seeing. Blaine is great, very professional and knowledgeable; he is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Lone Star Trapping.

- Michael G.

Wyatt is so knowledgeable and prepared to help come up with a solution to our hog problem. They were professional and prompt. They came out to our property when scheduled and were able to quickly identify the route the hogs were taking and the best place to set up the trap/enclosure. They are great communicators and kept us posted daily on their progress!

- Sue B.

Wyatt came with his traps and technology and removed every feral hog from our field and pasture. He has a WEALTH of knowledge and experience with these destructive devils. We will definitely use him again as this hog problem is a serious one in our neck of the woods - thank you, Wyatt!

- Kathy R.


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We appreciate you taking the time to look into Lone Star Trapping and the services we have to offer. Lone Star Trapping is co-owned and managed by Wyatt Walton and John Kortes. We utilize cellular trapping technology, rendering hog removal services statewide.

Feral Hog Removal

Feral hogs pose a severe threat to the livelihood of farmers across the great State of Texas. Lone Star Trapping is "Farmer Approved" because we use ethical and humane traps that don't endanger other wildlife or livestock. As skilled hog removal specialists, our goal is to capture all hogs from affected areas to eliminate the problem in its entirety. 


The benefits of hog removal services include: 


  • Prevent further damages

  • Protect crops 

  • Safeguard wildlife environments

  • Conserve land for livestock or other resources


If you're dealing with hog invasions on your property, the longer you let them flourish, the more damage you allow them to do. When you consider females can begin reproducing as young as seven months of age and can have up to three litters per year, it isn't hard to figure out how quickly you can have a significant issue on your hands. 


Hog removal services from Lone Star Trapping are an effective way to combat explosive population growth on your lands. Hogs are an invasive species; our services are superior to hog hunting and are a sure method of eliminating wild pigs and feral hogs in Texas. You can count on our feral hog traps and pig traps for a total wild hog control solution. 

Hog-proof Fencing

Whether you want to round up feral hogs or you want to put up a significant barrier to keep wild boars off your property, hog-proof fencing from Lone Star Trapping provides a solution. Our hog-proof fencing installation experts have the materials, equipment, and know-how to set up a fence that meets your unique needs.


The benefits of hog-proof fencing services include: 


  • Preventing entry points.

  • Protecting commercial property, livestock, pets, crops, and landscaping.

  • Native wildlife conservation.


High-quality hog-proof fencing is a practical way to deal with a challenging problem. In Texas, there are as much as $400 million in damages resulting from wild boar populations.


At Lone Star Trapping, we help with long-term feral hog management by retrofitting your existing fence or installing a new one.

Ranch Services

When you have a significant project on your hands, having access to earthmovers helps streamline the work. Heavy-duty, specialized equipment including excavators, Bob Cats, and other land clearing machines take care of the most challenging job, even in overgrown areas. 


Ranch Services assist in significant projects, including:


  • Excavating

  • Grading

  • Brush removal 

  • Land clearing

  • Path clearings and roads

  • Gravel pads for outbuildings such as storage or shop buildings

  • Preparation for ranch fencing


Whether you want to add accessibility roads or trails, you need to tame an overgrown area, or you want to add a new custom shop or outbuilding to your Texas property, the experts at Lone Star Trapping are available to help. Equipped with modern and heavy-duty equipment, our experienced team tackles the project with a plan of action and the horsepower needed to "get it done." Get in touch to discuss your project today!

Texas Wild Hog Control
About Lone Star Trapping

Lone Star Trapping has been administering wireless cellular trapping techniques for years. We firmly believe that cellular trapping is the most effective method of Texas hog control or nuisance species removal there is to date, providing complete sounder “herd” removal. With our eight years prior of conventional box trap experiences compared to our new cellular trapping systems, we have significantly out produced our old methods, capturing almost double the number of feral hogs with less physical hours on the property.


We are currently using cellular trapping systems and cellular scouting cameras. Our operations include observing the total hog numbers in each area and making every effort to remove the entire herd while limiting remaining trap smart hogs. The feral hog is supposedly the third most intelligent animal on the planet when it comes to adaptive nature. The efficiency of the traps being able to remove potentially 100% of the hogs in each trapping area, also minimizing working hours and drive time daily is what convinced us on the theory of cellular trapping.

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