Complete Hog Removal Service

We use an innovative remote cellular trapping system that allows us to capture the entire sounder at one time. With our hog eradication services and extensive on-going trapping plan, you can finally fight back against feral hogs.

Successful Hog Removal

Since 2015 we have trapped over 11,000 feral hogs and stopped continued damages for many different landowners.

How It Works

Please take a moment to watch this video about how cellular trapping works and why it is the most effective removal system on the market.

About Us

Lone Star Trapping has been administering wireless cellular trapping techniques for years. We firmly believe that cellular trapping is the most effective method of hog or nuisance species removal there is to date, providing complete sounder “herd” removal. With our eight yrs prior to conventional box trap experiences compared to our new cellular trapping systems, we have significantly out produced our past methods, capturing almost double the number of feral hogs with less physical hrs on the property. We are currently using cellular trapping systems and cellular scouting cameras. Our operations include observing the total hog numbers in each area and making every effort to remove the entire herd while limiting remaining trap smart hogs. The feral hog is supposedly the third most intelligent animal on the planet when it comes to adaptive nature. The efficiency of the traps being able to remove potentially 100% of the hogs in each trapping area, also minimizing working hours and drive time daily is what convinced us on the theory of cellular trapping.



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