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About Lone Star Trapping

We appreciate you taking the time to look into Lone Star Trapping and the services we have to offer. Lone Star Trapping is co-owned and managed by Wyatt Walton and John Kortes. We utilize cellular trapping technology, rendering hog removal services statewide.


USDA’s research has established that on average, each feral hog causes a minimum of $500 in property damage yearly, with over 52 million dollars in total agricultural damage across Texas. This does not include the additional impact feral hogs inflict on our native wildlife such as deer, turkey, and quail. Another problem that has recently impacted many areas of Texas is a decline in water quality. Damage control is a necessity to protect usable waterways from pollutants carried by hogs, thus minimizing their impact on the water systems used by humans and livestock.  


Every Contract is individually structured to fit each trapping project. Whether the contract is a long term trapping agreement with a monthly rate per pen on location or a set fee per hog is also a method used, depending on the different scenarios faced on each project. We use our experience and input from the landowner to formulate the best plan of attack for trapping out the problem area. Thank you for your time, and feel free to reach out to us at (254) 271-4559.

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