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Hog-Proof Fencing

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Hog-Proof Security Fencing Has Become Highly Sought After Solution For Commercial Operations Like Solar Farms and Energy Plants.

Lone Star Trapping has years of experience constructing and installing hog-proof barriers on properties of all sizes. Our flexible solutions can even get retrofitted to your existing fencing using a high-tensile steel mesh. This mesh categorically protects your property from further invasion and damage from this destructive species.


Traditional Chain Link Fences Are Ineffective and Costly

Feral hogs have always been especially concerning for farmers and ranchers because their population can wreak havoc on crops. In recent years, we've seen a rise in destruction to commercial properties that house expensive equipment like solar farms and substations. Not to mention the safety hazard feral hogs present to employees and sub-contractors. Our wire fence for hogs is perfect for your needs, whether you have a small enclosure or large pasture of crops Lone Star Trapping is right for you. 

Retrofit Your Current Fence and Prevent Further Damages and Safety Concerns

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Hog-Proof Fencing Solutions

These durable fences utilize high-tensile wire mesh providing a high-strength framework fence that serve reliably for years to come. If you're currently dealing with feral hogs on your property and you're looking for a solution, Lone Star Trapping is available to help you gain control of your land. Contact us today to talk about your wild hog fencing needs.

Feral Hogs Are Dangerous

Job Site Safety Matters

The dangers of feral hogs are a genuine concern. Unlike other wildlife, wild pigs are very territorial. When your company requires employees and sub-contractors to enter a site in a rural area, their utmost safety is the number one priority. With a properly installed hog-proof fence, you can keep these unwanted animals out while ensuring a safe work environment for your team.

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