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Hog-Proof Fencing In Weatherford

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Controlling Your Feral Hog Population Made Easy

Lone Star Trapping has years of experience constructing and installing hog-proof barriers on properties of all sizes. Our flexible solutions can even get retrofitted to your existing fencing using a high-tensile steel mesh. This mesh categorically protects your property from further invasion and damage from this destructive species.

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Hog-Proof Fencing Solutions

These durable fences utilize high-tensile fixed knot mesh providing a high-strength framework fence that serve reliably for years to come. If you're currently dealing with feral hogs on your property and you're looking for a solution, Lone Star Trapping is available to help you gain control of your land. Contact us today to talk about your wild hog control needs.

Feral hogs pose a severe threat to Texas property owners. According to recent estimates, there are as many as 2.6 million wild pigs that call the Lone Star State home.


Reasons To Install A Hog Proof Fence In Weatherford, Texas

An invasive species, wild hogs can grow to over 400 pounds and have aggressive reproduction capabilities. A female can give birth to her first litter at seven months of age. She can have up to three litters per year, with as many as twelve offspring per litter. This species is especially concerning for farmers and ranchers because their population can wreak havoc in multiple ways.

Crop Destruction - Trampling and rooting activity can quickly destroy valuable crops, trees, and landscaping. After investing significant amounts of time and resources in growing these resources, these losses can be devastating.

Threat To Livestock And Wildlife - Wild pigs compete with livestock and wild game species for multiple resources, including food, habitats, and other commodities. Feral hogs are known for ruining watering and livestock feeding facilities and feeders for wildlife. In some cases, wild hogs may prey on kid goats, young fawns, and lambs.

Wetland Destabilization - Much the same way rooting and trampling activity from feral hogs negatively impacts agricultural landscapes, it also destabilizes wetlands. Ground-nesting birds, including quail and turkey, are vulnerable to having their nests destroyed and their eggs consumed.

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