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Wild 411-pound feral hog wrangled on Texas golf course, pictures show

Wyatt Walton said he and his team from Lone Star Trapping wrangled the wild beast and tied it up alive at the Gateway Hills Golf Course in San Antonio on Thursday.

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How 3 guys and 3 dogs caught this 411-pound feral hog that infiltrated a San Antonio golf course

Although Lone Star Trapping employs cameras and electronic traps to capture wild pigs, Walton said the boar was "trap educated," so he had to resort to canine assistance to capture it.

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From lean mountain swine in Western North Carolina to wild boar in Texas, feral hogs are wreaking havoc, causing billions of dollars worth of damage each year. Their numbers are growing, thanks in part to their voracious appetites and breeding superpowers.

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Monstrous 400-pound Feral Hog Invades Texas Golf Course, Is Caught and Tied Alive

A massive feral hog weighing approximately 400 pounds was captured in Texas last week when trappers were called to remove it from a San Antonio golf course.

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Feral hogs are becoming an epidemic in The Big Country

Walton uses a 3-step process when catching the hogs. He preconditions the hogs to a site., builds them a pattern, then he puts in his equipment slowly.

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Freakishly Large Feral Hog Is Corralled On Texas Golf Course

Wyatt Walton has been trapping feral hogs in Texas for years, but the one he caught on a San Antonio golf course Thursday was a whopper by any standard.

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Hunters bag, tie 790-pound “BoarZilla” hog

De Leon’s Blaine Garcia is about to put a whole new twist in the legends of Texas hog hunting after taking down a 790-pound boar hog this weekend about three miles north of his hometown.

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