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Texas Fencing

Protect Your Property and Your Livestock With High-Tensile Fixed Knot and Barbed Wire Fencing Solutions.

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Professional Texas Fence Company

Lone Star Trapping offers and installs horse fences, high game, and cattle fences for Texas ranchers. Our durable fences utilize high-tensile fixed knot mesh. This provides a high-strength framework fence that serves reliably for years to come.

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At Lone Star Trapping, we're happy to help ranchers provide their animals' with the highest security levels. Our durable and customized ranch fencing options and installation services offer high-tech safeguarding solutions. They are available for ranches and properties of all sizes!

Custom Fences and Entry Gates

The experts at Lone Star Trapping understand that no two projects are equal. We customize every ranch fence installation to meet the client's unique requirements. Water gap solutions, predator deterrence, or other fencing help manage land and livestock more effectively.

Our deep insights and expertise in ranch fencing allow us to offer the best ranch fence materials and expert installation.

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High Game

Ideal for ranchers who raise or maintain elk, deer, sheep, and other exotic animals on their land. Keep your herds and livestock contained with ease!


Knowing that you're protecting your horses while allowing them to run free is priceless. A durable horse fence from Lone Star Trapping protects your investment.


When you consider the substantial profit potential of raising cattle, the threat of losing even one is unthinkable. Cattle ranchers in Texas can sleep easier at night, knowing their property has high tensile steel mesh for protection.

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Texas Ranch Fencing Installation

When we take on a job, we complete the project on time and to specifications. We are pleased to give free, no-obligation estimates on your ranch project for your convenience. Farms and ranchers can trust Lone Star Trapping for the best fencing product and Texas fencing installation.

We offer the best fence designed for keep your cattle in and keep predators out! Whether you have a small or a vast project in mind, our fence installation experts make it a reality.

Choose Lone Star Trapping

Choose Lone Star Trapping as your trusted option to protect your Texas ranch and keep your livestock safe. We specialize in providing top-notch fencing solutions tailored to the unique needs of ranchers throughout the Lone Star State. Our commitment to quality customer service, durability, and expert installation sets us apart as a highly recommended Texas fence company.

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