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Feral Hog Removal Texas

Feral Hog Removal Texas​

Don't let feral hogs wreak havoc on your land any longer.

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Our Services

Lone Star Trapping specializes in professional feral hog removal that Texas residents can rely on. Our team of skilled hog trappers in Texas is dedicated to efficient wild hog control to prevent property damage and protect valuable natural resources.

Are you tired of dealing with the nuisance of feral hogs?

Feral swine can cause extensive damage to your property and threaten your safety.

Hog Trapping in Texas
Lonestar Trapping in Texas

If you're looking for a safe and efficient way to remove feral hogs on your land, our hog trapping services are the answer.

Our experienced team of professionals will work with you to develop a customized plan that meets your needs and gets results.

Hog Removal in Texas

Let us help you protect your property and resources.

We protect residential homeowners, large ranches, and commercial properties.
Hog Trapping Services in Texas
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Hog Removal Services in Texas

Our wild hog removal services in Texas provide a cost-effective and humane solution to this problem.

We use the latest techniques and technologies to capture these destructive animals efficiently.

Lonestar Trapping

The 3 Phases:

Lonestar Hog Removal


At the start of our Texas hog removal process, we initiate by establishing a strategic bait site. This essential step allows us to determine the feral hogs' origin and patterns precisely. By doing so, we can effectively pinpoint the areas that require focused attention and accurately estimate the population density. This data-driven approach guides our efforts toward efficient hog removal.

Lonestar Trapping

Conditioning ​

During the conditioning phase, we take a gradual approach to installing panels. To minimize disruption and avoid startling the wild boars, we begin by installing a few panels at a time. This gradual panel installation prevents sudden and overwhelming environmental changes that could cause the feral hogs to flee. We ease them into the process and create a more conducive environment for successful hog removal.

Lonestar Hog Trapping in Texas


The final phase of our comprehensive Texas hog removal strategy typically occurs during the nighttime. At this stage, our feral hog traps are meticulously set up and ready for action. With utmost precision, we engage in 24 hours of intensive scouting to ensure we capture as many feral hogs as possible before sealing the gate of the traps.

Our expert team ensures that the captured feral pigs are handled safely and carefully. Once caught, we transport them to a designated Texas facility where they are securely kept.

Hog Removal Services Texas

Trusted by private landowners, corporations, and Government agencies

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Lonestar Trapping Newsweek Article

Monstrous 400-pound Feral Hog Invades Texas Golf Course, Is Caught and Tied Alive

A massive feral hog weighing approximately 400 pounds was captured in Texas last week when trappers were called to remove it from a San Antonio golf course.

Lonestar Trapping Huff Post Article

Freakishly Large Feral Hog Is Corralled On Texas Golf Course

Wyatt Walton has been trapping feral hogs in Texas for years, but the one he caught on a San Antonio golf course Thursday was a whopper by any standard.

Lonestar Trapping Insider Article

How 3 guys and 3 dogs caught this 411-pound feral hog that infiltrated a San Antonio golf course

Although Lone Star Trapping employs cameras and electronic traps to capture wild pigs, Walton said the boar was "trap educated," so he had to resort to canine assistance to capture it.

Lonestar Hog Trapping in Texas

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