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Brush Removal & Land Clearing Corsicana

Texas Land Clearing

Corsicana, Texas Land Clearing Services

Land clearing offers effective and practical removal of thick vegetation and trees. As opposed to going through hours clearing fields or trees and undeveloped land by hand, Lone Star's land clearing service can utilize our best in class gear to brush clear your property.


With our extensive land clearing services, our crew of experts can help you rehabilitate your property by removing undergrowth, allowing you to repurpose the area for new growth. For quick and effective land clearing, you can depend on our organization of skilled specialists to help.

Land Clearing Texas
Brush Removal

Brush Mulching

We will mulch your undesirable brush and vegetation with speed and productivity. ​ We can clear your land opening up driveways, views, fence rows, and much more.

A property or acreage congested with a brush, trees, and overgrowth is challenging to enjoy fully. Overgrown lots can be hard to walk through, and in worst-case scenarios, can be dangerous. Snakes, raccoons, feral hogs, and other Texas native wildlife often call these environments home because they provide excellent coverage.

Land management and brush removal help you handle two potential problems at the same time. Overgrown bushes, trees, and ground cover get removed, making your lot or acreage less accommodating to unwanted wildlife. Once the land gets cleared, the ground and vegetation benefit from getting more sunlight and nutrients from the fresh mulch. Over time, the mulch decomposes and works as a fertilizer by adding more nutrients to the soil.

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