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Feral Hog Removal In Hillsboro, TX


When you have a hog problem, call the professionals!

Lone Star Trapping is in the trapping business for the long haul! With the problem these nuisance hogs are causing the farm and ranch industry across the South, there will be a continuous need for trappers who are equipped and readily available to have the means and human resources to handle this expanding problem. Not only does Lone Star Trapping strive to provide the best solution to trapping, but we have also dedicated ourselves to educating the public on the impact feral hogs make on the agricultural industry.  When you need hog removal in Dallas, Texas, call Lone Star!


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Hog Removal Dallas

Hillsboro Hog Control Experts

After setting up our trap, our team of professionals continuously watches the camera for hog activity happening in real-time.  As the hogs enter the trap, we are notified immediately via transmitted cellular signals. Upon doing recon, we have a pretty good idea of the number of hogs within the group, so we wait until all of the hogs have entered the trap before making our move.  Once we have the hogs where we want them, the next step is to trigger the gate via text message.  This is what ensures we catch what we came for and not anything else like cattle or deer.  After sending the text message code, a signal is sent back to the cellular game camera, which triggers the gate. It is that easy, we have just eliminated the hog problem with the least amount of physical time spent on the landowner's property.

Responsible Stewardship
Four Step Trapping Process

1. Pre-Condition

Every trapping project first begins with pre-conditioning. This phase consist of drawing the wild hogs in the area to a bait site. As hogs begin to feed regularly, our team will set a target trapping number.

2. Condition

Once our target group of hogs is comfortable with the bait site, we begin introducing equipment. This process takes time, but allows us to be effective in achieving a full removal of the entire group.

3. Trapping

The hogs are conditioned and now the trapping phase begins.  At the perfect moment, we will trigger a gate drop, successfully capturing our target group of hogs. Mission successful!

4. Humane Removal

Finally the moment every client is waiting for, the removal!  We humanely load the hogs out of the trap. They are then transported to a Texas certified holding facility.

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