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America's Wasted Resource

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Concerns about the food supply chain have never been higher, and many people are searching for alternatives to ensure food security for their families.

According to statistics, over 90% of Americans consume meat. Not surprisingly, the most popular protein sources that come to mind include factory-farmed beef, chicken, pork, and fish.

Unfortunately, factory-farmed livestock is likely to contain a wide range of antibiotics, growth hormones, and other additives that impact the person consuming them. By proxy, every steak or chicken tender you consume that contains these hormones passes some of these traits to you.

One high-quality protein-packed meat source that you never really thought of is feral hog meat. There are multiple reasons this is the case.

Generally, feral hogs found in the United States are considered invasive species. Sometimes called "hogzillas" or super pigs, they can weigh anywhere between a couple of hundred pounds and as much as 1000 pounds or more.

Unlike factory-farmed livestock, they achieve these weights without the aid of hormones or antibiotics. They are this big all naturally.

Being this large, many states with populations of these wild animals wish to eradicate them.

Truly Wild Meat Offers Diversity At Dinnertime

If you are searching for options to diversify away from factory-farmed cattle, chicken, and fish, wild hog meat is a protein source that deserves consideration.

Here are some of the reasons why it makes an excellent addition to your meat freezer.

No Antibiotics Or Additives - Factory-farmed meat is notorious for containing antibiotics and additives. Wild boar, by nature, contains none of these detrimental chemicals. You can serve it with confidence, knowing it's a clean protein source.

Nutrient Rich Protein Source - The meat from wild pigs is low in sodium and rich in selenium, iron, niacin, zinc, B6, and thiamin. Better than domestic pork, you can use it in traditional pork recipes. It's the perfect addition to your dinner table, available in many cuts, including ground, steaks, and racks of ribs.

Ethical Population Control - At Texas Specialty Meats, a leading provider of 100% wild hog meat caught by trappers in Texas, we support ethical population control of feral hogs. Instead of allowing this American resource to waste, we're proud to offer USDA stamped hog meat. To help make this product widely available to people from all over the United States, we ship frozen products nationwide.

Make Your Favorite Meals - With A Twist!

Feral hog meat is a flexible protein source. You can replace your ordinary protein source with a comparable cut. You can roast, grill, pan-fry, BBQ, or slow cook it to perfection and serve it with your favorite side dishes.

Visit our shop to see what we have to offer!

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