Land clearing offers effective and practical removal of thick vegetation and trees. As opposed to going through hours clearing fields or trees and undeveloped land by hand, Lone Star's land clearing service can utilize our best in class gear to brush clear your property.


With our extensive land clearing services, our crew of experts can help you rehabilitate your property by removing undergrowth, allowing you to repurpose the area for new growth. For quick and effective land clearing, you can depend on our organization of skilled specialists to help.


Brush Mowing

Brush Mowers are perfect for clearing grass, weeds, and small-diameter trees. We can clear your land opening up driveways, views, fence rows, and much more.


Forestry Mulching

We will mulch your undesirable brush and vegetation with speed and productivity. ​


Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

From completely clearing lots to thinning trees and grinding stumps, we have a solution for you. ​Our crew of tree trimming experts will safely cut back your trees in a way that serves to maintain your home and property in addition to keeping your trees healthy.


Our land clearing services are ideal for property owners with large overgrown lots, farmland, and ranches. Eliminating undesired brush and trees has an ample impact on the value, functionality, and visible appeal of your property.



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