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Land clearing offers effective and practical removal of thick vegetation and trees. As opposed to going through hours clearing fields or trees and undeveloped land by hand, Lone Star's land clearing service can utilize our best-in-class gear to brush clear your property.


Our crew of experts can help you rehabilitate your property by removing undergrowth, allowing you to repurpose the area for new growth. For quick and effective brush clearing services, you can depend on our organization of skilled specialists to help. Hiring a professional has never been easier. We guarantee to get the job done on time and on budget. You can trust us with all your land clearing projects.

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Brush Removal

Brush Mulching

We will mulch your undesirable brush and vegetation with speed and productivity. ​We can clear your land opening up driveways, views, fence rows, and much more.

A property or acreage congested with a brush, trees, and overgrowth is challenging to enjoy fully. Overgrown lots can be hard to walk through, and in worst-case scenarios, can be dangerous. Snakes, raccoons, feral hogs, and other Texas native wildlife often call these environments home because they provide excellent coverage.

When you need a professional land clearer, forestry mulcher, tree service provider, or site prep contractor, you can call us to lend a helping hand. We can even provide you with a free estimate!

Land management and brush removal helps you handle two potential problems at the same time. Overgrown bushes, trees, and ground cover get removed, making your lot or acreage less accommodating to unwanted wildlife. Once the land gets cleared, the ground and vegetation benefit from getting more sunlight and nutrients from the fresh mulch. Over time, the mulch decomposes and works as a fertilizer by adding more nutrients to the soil. You can trust our land clearing company with tree removal and debris removal. We use heavy duty equipment (stump grinder, brush mower) to remove poison ivy, large stumps, and more from large areas and plots of land. We are ready to tackle your land clearing projects and complete the job done on time. By hiring a professional, our tree service removal and professional land clearing will always be delivered at the highest quality.

The Importance of Tree and Underbrush Mulching

Mulch is an organic product, like compost and bark, used to enrich the soil. Maintaining your property by mulching overgrowth can be beneficial for you and the environment. The benefits of forestry mulching are simple. It clears heavy brush, bushes, and other vegetation like invasive plants quickly and easily, producing a sustainable mulch in the process. Mulching is not only healthy for the environment, but it also looks better and lasts longer than many other landscaping strategies.

Slow Overgrowth

Mulching slows overgrowth's regrowth and decreases the chance of erosion. Mulching replaces the topsoil with nutrient-rich substances. The mulch decomposes into the soil, adding organic matter to your grounds.

This way, new plants grow better, and roots above ground are not disturbed. In addition, you don't have to deal with nuisance brush piles. Mulching has many benefits, such as it can reduce the amount of harmful invasive plants and insects, which protect the soil. Although mulching helps with these two things, it also aids in preserving water which is excellent for watersheds and agricultural areas.

A 2 to 3-inch layer of dry mulch does wonders for managing windblown soil by protecting it from erosion or loss by rainwater. These are some of the benefits of mulching, and they also can be used for many other organic gardening methods.

Prevent Wildfires

Want even more reasons to mulch? Mulching prevents wildfires by removing potential fuel sources like tiny plants, fallen trees, and other materials. If left untreated, these materials can produce fire, intensify heat intensity, and act as ladders which enable fires to spread quickly in tall trees.

Heavy overgrowth from empty lots can cause damage to neighboring properties and structures if not maintained and cut back appropriately. The best way to create a fire break is by removing old or dead trees, shrubs, and grasses.

When you consider wildfires can cause millions in damages and untold death, injury, habitat loss, and displacement, mulching is worth the effort.

Make Texas Beautiful Again

Mulching acreage is essential because it makes Texas beautiful again. Mulch can help control weeds, insects, and soil erosion. It adds nutrients to the soil so that plants will grow healthy and strong. In addition, mulched vegetable beds attract fewer pests than un-mulched ones, producing an ideal environment for healthy produce.

The best part is the entire process is entirely organic! Instead of investing in a load or multiple bags of mulch, the raw materials from the trees and shrubs you're pulling out get turned into all-natural mulch. This circle of life is an excellent example of the benefits of mulching.

Bottom Line

Mulch is incredibly beneficial to you and the environment. It's one of the most minor things we can do to maintain our properties, so mulch your property today and enjoy all of the benefits!