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Clearing Texas Cedars From Your Property

Anyone who lives in Texas knows that Cedar trees are prevalent throughout the local landscape. But many people don't realize that these evergreen trees are invasive species that can wreak havoc on local ecosystems.

More About Cedar Trees In Texas

Here's a bit of history about cedar trees in Texas. First, this plant species is not a native plant in Texas. In fact, cedar trees are native to North America's east coast. They were introduced to the state in the early 1800s by settlers who used them for fencing and fuel.

Fast forward to the present day. Texas has an estimated 20 million cedar trees, covering about 4 million acres of land. That's nearly 10% of the state!

The Problem With Cedar Trees

Cedar trees are very resilient and adaptable. They can grow in almost any type of soil, and their deep roots make them resistant to drought. However, cedars severely threaten native plants and trees like oaks.

With a deep root system, cedars can quickly deplete the soil of moisture and nutrients, making it difficult for other plants to compete. Unfortunately, they also produce an abundance of seeds - up to 30,000 per tree - which can quickly take root and further crowd out native plants.

The result is an imbalance in the local ecosystem that can lead to drastic consequences. For example, when cedar trees dominate an area, it can create a ' monoculture' where only one plant species thrives. This lack of diversity makes ecosystems more vulnerable to pests and diseases. Further, it threatens the local wildlife that depends on native plants for food and shelter.

Why You Should Remove Cedar Trees From Your Property

Given the problems that cedar trees can cause, removing them from your property is essential, especially if your property has a high density of these trees. And when dealing with a high density of Cedar trees that have grown over time, you will want to seek a professional service with the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to properly and safely remove them.

At Lone Star Trapping, we have years of experience clearing cedar trees from properties of all sizes. We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy ecosystem and follow all the best practices to help remediate the damage caused by these invasive trees.

Using state-of-the-art machinery, we can quickly and efficiently clear away nuisance cedar trees and turn the raw materials into fresh mulch that nurtures the growth of native plants and trees.

Additionally, it helps provide a habitat for the native animals essential to a functioning ecosystem. For instance, quails and other ground-nesting animals need dense cover to escape predators and build their nests. Clearing cedar trees can help create this type of cover and promote a healthy environment for these animals to thrive.

If you need to learn more about our land and cedar clearing services or want a free quote, please contact our Texas Land Clearing Company to discuss your project requirements. Our team is happy to help determine a course of action.

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