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Dealing With The Feral Hog Population Crisis In Texas

The feral hog population across Texas continues to grow. As a result, farmers and ranchers must spend more money controlling the wild hog populations destroying their crops and threatening their livestock.

According to an insider at the Texas Farm Bureau insurance agency, feral hogs are here to stay in Texas.

Feral hogs are the number one cause of damage to agriculture. If you have a feral hog problem, only two things will help it: hunting and trapping.

The insider continued by saying, "It's an opportunity to get ahold of the feral hog population. They can be very destructive. They're not native animals; they've been brought here by man, pigs are very smart and adaptable, and we have learned over time that you cannot eradicate them."

Feral hogs have thrived in Texas due to the absence of natural predators. Hunters and trappers are still the best way to control them in Texas. Trappers and hunters are essential to Texas farming because there is no other reasonable way to control the feral hog population. The size of the wild pig is a deterrence for most farmers and ranchers, as they can get large enough numbers in a herd that will consume crops quicker than they can be grown.

It isn't complicated to figure out how this will continue to hurt farmers and ranchers in Texas. If the feral hog population doesn't get controlled, then it will be a long time before confidence gets restored regarding food security.

Most Texans are already aware of what feral hogs can do, but many other states have recently begun to experience their progressive invasion.

From crop damage to ecological damage to native habitats, the path of devastation can be seen from miles away.

Farmers and ranchers now have to spend more money on core agricultural services as they expand boundary fences, build temporary fencing, and implement various trapping techniques to protect their crops and lifelong work.

If you're motivated to learn more about feral hog control on your Texas property, please reach out to the trapping experts at Lone Star today! Our experienced trappers and professional team are available to help you ethically remove these animals from your property in a non-invasive way.

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