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Why Feral Hogs Are a Problem

Understanding The Texas Fight on Feral Hogs

It is best first to understand that feral hogs are a non-native species introduced to Texas and the United States from Europe. These animals reproduce at an alarming rate making control of their numbers next to impossible. Texas alone has over 2 million hogs, and this number shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Without proper eradication of this species, we will no doubt see the problem continue spreading from the lower states to the North.

They Compete With Native Species For Food

It is scary to think that a non-native species like the feral hog could grow in numbers almost to the estimated population size of native whitetail deer. Because these animals share the same habitat, it goes without saying the deer population is being threatened more and more every day. Any hunter can show you from their game camera images of this competition occurring at every feeding. It isn't uncommon in Texas to have deer visit your feeder only to be run out minutes later but 3-4 times as many hogs. The pigs will move through destroying everything in their path, leaving very little food remaining for the competing whitetail. Not only does this affect the size of the deer population, it can also affect the size of the animals' growth.

Damage Residential/Commercial Properties and Destroy Farm Land

Now let's discuss how feral hogs affect humans. Imagine being a farmer who's broke their back all season to produce a good crop yield only to wake up one morning to find acres of land destroyed by feral hogs. This same scenario applies to the homeowner or business that has to re-sod their landscape. In addition to property damage, wild hogs aren't the sweetest animal you'll encounter. The last thing you'd want to have happened is an angry boar hog confronts you or your family member.

Humane Hog Removal

Most people are looking for two things when it comes to controlling feral hogs, and that is the effectiveness and a humane removal process. Unlike certain practices like rifle/bow hunting, removal with dogs, and helicopter shooting, the majority of people want to see these animals removed alive with little to no damage occurring. As of today, the only hog control method that meets both of these standards is cellular remote trapping. Using a large remote operated trap, the trapper can effectively remove an entire sounder (group) at one time. Small box trap methods can do more damage than good because of the potential they have of educating the remaining pigs that were not trapped in the group. Once the group of hogs is caught, they can easily be loaded into a trailer and removed from the property alive. This meets the humane standard set by the majority of property owners that don't want to have the hogs killed.

Since 2015, Lone Star Trapping has removed over 10,000 hogs saving property owners thousands of dollars in potential damages. If you need a hog removal company that is experienced, insured, and trusted, contact us today!

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