How To Trap Feral Hogs

There are three crucial steps when trapping hogs. However, they sound simple; many cellular guillotine-style corral trap owners don't properly use this system and wonder why they are successful the first couple of times before their efforts run dry.



When beginning a new trapping campaign, the first step is selecting a bait site. It is essential not just to throw the trap in any location simply because there is hog sign. Locate the hogs network of trails and find a spot that is nestled off a significant travel way. Once you have found the location you are happy with; the next step is to set up a cellular game camera and either bait the ground or install a feeder. Do not set any enclosure panels or gate(s) at this time.


By this point, you have hopefully attracted a group of hogs to your bait site and are ready to begin the slow process of conditioning. After the hogs have fed for a few nights without any disturbance, you can set up the gate with two panels connected to each side. Continue to add bait in the middle where you did initially but now add feed directly under the gate to allow them to become comfortable passing under the structure. For the next few days, as you let the sounder feed, slowly set up the remaining panels. Install a few at a time until you've built the entire trap around the group of hogs.


Now that your trap is built and your group of pigs is conditioned to the bait site, you are ready to trap. During the conditioning phase, you should have been analyzing and counting the hogs within the group. It is vital to try and capture the entire group in a single gate drop. Failure to do this can cause the remaining untrapped animals to become educated.

Once you have waited a night or two for your group and triggered the gate from your cell phone, it is time to complete the trapping process. Many people choose to use a small-caliber rifle like a .22LR to eliminate each animal within the trap. In contrast, others prefer to load the animals into a trailer for processing or sale to a certified state buying facility.


After shutting the gate on a group of hogs, it isn't required, but it's recommended that you pull the enclosure down and begin the entire process from phase one.