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Land Clearing FAQ

What Does Forestry Mulching Accomplish?

Are you wondering what forestry mulching accomplishes? If so, let us answer some of the most common questions! Large carbide bits, or sharp steel knives, are used in forestry mulching to chop, shred, and pulverize vegetation. This mulching approach leaves behind an environmentally pleasant mulch bed without causing a significant disturbance to the underlying soil.

What About Tree Stumps?

The tree's stumps, like the rest of the tree, should get shredded into mulch. It's ideal to grind stumps down to around 1 inch below the surface. When done correctly, stump removal helps landowners avoid giant holes from removing mature root systems.

Do All Trees Need To Get Removed?

The good news is the answer to this question is no! Implementing a selective clearing is a critical aspect of being a landowner. In Texas, certain tree species may grow and eventually kill off the trees you want to keep. Selective clearing empowers property owners to preserve healthy, native, and more desirable trees while removing invasive, unwanted, or unhealthy vegetation from their property.

Where Does Mulch Get Applied?

The mulch gets sprayed from the front of the mulcher to the area getting mulched. Sites with heavy or dense tree cover, including cedars, will leave a thicker mulch bed. A mulch bed has several advantages. It aids in weed control, soil erosion reduction, and gradually returning nutrients to the soil as it breaks down over time.

Is Land Clearing Environmentally Friendly?

Land clearing is a relatively fast and efficient way to control growth on a piece of land. In addition, it's environmentally friendly when correctly completed because it reduces pesticide use, minimizes erosion, and promptly returns nutrients to the soil.

Is There A Size Limitation On The Tree?

Skid steer mulchers are capable of handling many mulching projects. Ideally, this type of machinery gets reserved for more mid-size trees, but it can take larger trees with a few passes. Projects that consist of a significant amount of large trees are best suited for a larger, more powerful mulching machine.

These bigger, more powerful mulching machines have added horsepower to handle branches and limbs.

For larger trees, it's always best to consult with a land clearing specialist to determine the logistics and feasibility of land clearing. Then, you can move forward with the project with the confidence all the details get covered.

What About Wildlife?

Invasive vegetation is hazardous to native wildlife. It can cause a lack of food and cover for both predator and prey species. Land clearing eliminates the most invasive plants that overgrow the land, preventing native fauna and flora from thriving.

What Does Land Clearing Accomplish?

When correctly performed, land clearing opens the property to new opportunities such as livestock grazing and other agricultural or development pursuits.

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