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Protect Your Property With Hog Proof Fencing

For property and ranch owners throughout Texas, feral hogs or wild pigs are a persistent threat to the land and agriculture. Destructive and invasive, these creatures wreak havoc in all favorable environments.

Recent estimates place the feral hog population in Texas alone at over 2.5 million, so without taking precautions such as installing hog-proof fencing or investing in a hog removal service leaves your property at risk of significant damage.

How Wild Hogs Threaten Habitats

There are multiple ways that feral hogs can endanger the habitats they call home. Some of the damages they do are more harmful than others, but none of it's okay.

First, wild hog populations are in direct competition for the food sources of livestock and game and non-game species. Feral hogs destroy the habitats where these species reside, often consuming and destroying the agricultural commodities within.

Trampling and rooting activities are very damaging to crops, fields, wetlands, livestock feeding, and watering areas. In some cases, this activity can result in total destruction. These invasive species destabilize natural springs, creeks, wetlands, and tanks. Excessive wallowing and rooting can potentially destroy everything they encounter, including trees and forestry plantings.

While feral hogs aren't typically predators, smaller animals such as kid goats, young fawns, and little lambs are at risk of becoming prey to these powerful, more aggressive animals. The nests and eggs of ground-nesting birds, including quail and turkeys, are susceptible to becoming wild hogs' prey.

Safeguard Your Property From Feral Hog Damages With Hog-Proof Fencing

If you want to get the upper hand in wild hog management on your Texas property, the experts' at Lone Star Trapping are available to assist with all your hog-proof fencing and hog removal needs.

Offering a range of comprehensive solutions, our hog removal specialists can build a brand new hog-proof fence to create a new barrier or retrofit your existing fence using a mesh made of high-tensile steel. We take every step to ensure feral hogs can no longer easily penetrate your property lines.

Land and property owners who want to install the highest levels of safeguards against feral hogs should consider a hog-proof fence that features a Class 40 Zinc-Aluminum coating.

This protective layer is resistant to splitting, cracking, flaking, and separation from the treated steel, providing the highest level of protection against wild hog invasions.

If you're unsure what solution would work best on your property, get in touch with Lone Star Trapping today to speak with a friendly and helpful hog removal specialist.

We're happy to answer any questions you have about the products, services, and process of removing unwanted wild hog populations from your land and property.

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